Street Feat Fashion is taking it to the street, outfit by outfit. Growing up, Leah from Streetfeatfashion would ensure that every inch of her outfit, whether it was her shirt, hair accessories, or even her socks, matched perfectly. From a young age she had an innate eye for fashion. Some say she was a diva, but she claims she was an innovator. Who says neon stripes and polka dots don’t look great together? 5 year old Leah sure didn’t! Looking back at that ensemble now, she would give her younger self some words of wisdom, and agree with those that opposed it. However, having that freedom at such a young age to explore, experiment, imagine, and cultivate different looks instilled within her a vision. Check out her Instagram to learn more about her movement! more projects


Real Love Vancouver

Real Love is making major moves in the Vancouver R&B scene. They bring me on to shoot their unique, once a month nightclub experience where old school meets new, and where you can hear a wide range of classic to future tracks. Check out their Instagram to learn more about their movement! more projects



Wealth Shop Canada

I was brought along to shoot a cannabis infused dining experience for local health blog/Vancouver’s first licensed cannabis storefront The Wealth Shop. Wealth’s vocation is “to foster a community hub, where the best of design, culture, innovation, and cannabis can coincide to create an unparalleled industry experience”. Check out their Instagram to learn more about their movement!